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BUMA CONSTRUCTION is a company engaged in the contracting and construction services. Our services include manufacturing drawings / designs for the home, office, until the construction of parking lots that require the use of canopies and services making up the installation of stainless steel railings, railling stainless steel, stainless steel railings, stainless steel frame, BRC Fence, Wire Mesh, Cable Tray, until Conveyor ( Roller Conveyor) .

With our experience in the construction field in particular, BUMA CONSTRUCTION very effort in terms of additional support ranging from improved quality in terms of performance ( HR) and also provide the best quality product through construction that we produce.

With all the completeness and readiness that we have in the field of construction, we are very optimistic will be able to give satisfaction to the customer.

In addition to focusing on the construction, we are also a company that stands in the field of manufacturing. As in the manufacture of Animals Digital Scales with Knock Down System that is used to measure the weight of a case of beef cattle, buffalo, goat, and Animal Scales.

We also serve the order is stainless bolts with our design to customer demand, stainless trolley, to the dustbin stainless.

For consultation and more information, contact:

( PT Bumi Mataritama)
Mr. Muhammad Mubarraq / Mr Didi Malinda.

Office Adress : Jl Pahlawan Revolusi No.22B Pondok bambu
Duren Sawit Jakarta Timur 13430.
Phone : ( 021) 861 3346, 8660 4409, 8660 4413
Fax: ( 021) 8618992
Mobile: 0813 1004 5708, 0852 1037 6568, 0816 1740 8786, 0878 8174 3863, ( 021) 940 48 734
Blackberry PIN: 52421891
Email : bumata@ gmail.com.
Website: www.bumata.co.id.

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